~ Nat Powers, producer


“I’ve just read the bio you wrote for me – honestly, thank you so so so so much, it’s absolutely phenomenal. I’m not just saying that, It’s really incredible and has literally captured every angle that I wanted to come at. Absolutely fantastic, I’m super happy, it’s not just captured what I’m trying to do but actually inspired me to do it quicker.”

My name’s Ursula. I’ve worked as a copywriter and editor throughout my adult life, both as my day job and as a freelancer, after graduating with a BA in Music from Cambridge, and (like everyone else) I find writing about myself hard!

The thing I enjoy most is writing about other people. For as long as I can remember, friends and colleagues, then friends-of-colleagues and colleagues-of-friends, then people I hardly knew, and then people I didn’t know at all, have asked me to help them with their writing, until in my mid-twenties it dawned on me that this was something I should be charging for. To my delight (and amazement!), the flow of projects and their range only grew from there. As a freelancer, I’ve found myself amassing a wide-ranging CV while hardly noticing it. I've produced copy for companies as diverse as DOS Architects, Babisil baby products and The Spitz charity. I've written bios for high-profile figures including fashion icon Pam Hogg, "a designer of cult status" (Terry Wogan), virtuoso Harry the Piano, “the best damn pianist in the civilised world” (Stephen Fry), Nat Powers, star producer for artists including Snoop Dogg, Janet Jackson and Professor Green, guitarist Jimmy Owen and his band Wolf Moon, and many more. I've edited fiction (including novel-length), academic publications and starred-first-scoring university dissertations, and I’ve won a few prizes along the way for my own creative writing, to which I haven’t devoted nearly as much time as I’d have liked. I’ve workshopped cover letters for people who never expected to make it as far as interview, then saw their careers jump many rungs in one go when they were offered their dream role, which has made me happier than I can say.

I worked for a large portion of my twenties at various literary agencies and publishing houses, including editing for
Anness Publishing (non-fiction) and Ovum/Datamonitor (technical editing), before returning to the world of live music, where I’ve put those skills to work producing vast quantities of copy – including web text, promo mailers, bios, CVs, launch materials and much more – as an integral part of running my own agency, Live Music International, for the past eight years. Through this job, which I adore, I’ve been lucky enough to work with, develop and market more successful bands than I can count.

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My clients have always been thrilled with the results of my work, and I’m immensely grateful for their glowing feedback (selection above). There’s no buzz for me that compares to hearing a client tell me they got the job we worked so hard applying for together; that I captured their vision in the copy I wrote for their website better than they’d ever thought possible; that the bio I produced for them inspired them never to forget how proud they were of that person on the page. It would be a pleasure and a privilege to put my skills to work on whatever your next project may be!

Ursula Sagar
A writer for all seasons