Great design speaks volumes about the quality of your product before anyone’s read a word.

Whether it’s a website, a CV or a bio PDF, your design, layout, colour scheme and imagery are the very first things your reader will see and judge. No matter how great your text, a beautiful professional design will wedge in your reader’s mind, while lazy presentation shows you haven’t given that same care and attention to the rest of your package. Poor design can undo all the great work you’ve put into your copy and your brand.



Homemade websites don’t have to look homemade. The site you’re reading now was built in Wix, like most personal and business sites these days. But you’d be amazed at the details that can give this away: unimaginative layouts, inconsistent spacing and sizing, mismatched colour palettes and fonts, broken links… the list goes on. Costs for most professional designers are way out of reach for us mortals, but if we’re doing it ourselves we’ve got to get it right!

I offer the following web design services, individually or as a package:

•    Initial consultation on content, layout, theming and brand
•    Image asset review, selection and sourcing if needed
•    Editing and retouching work in Photoshop (including creation of transparencies)
•    Video editing in Adobe Premier Pro (cutting or editing of existing video assets)
•    Website design (Wix is my preferred platform)
•    Search engine optimisation
•    Web domain purchase and connection
•    Setting up Google Analytics
•    Branding of social media channels to match. 

Example sites:

Wolf Moon 
Jimmy Owen (including video edit)
Soul Brothers (including video edit)



A beautifully presented CV puts you straight to the top of the pile. It’s so easy to do, and yet so rare to find! As an employer myself I get an instant kick from a visually striking CV with a logo or border, a textured background, perhaps some subtle colour work to break up the text. Meanwhile, if the fonts or sizes don’t match, if the alignment’s off or I can’t make out the structure at a glance, chances are that candidate won’t make the second round.

I’ll work from Canva (and Photoshop if needed) to give your CV or promo PDF that
extra flair, at only an additional £15.00 on top of your copywriting fee. Click here for more CV writing service information.