Reading your writing should be as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Getting it there is usually neither!

When a good editor's handled your work, the flow, the pace and the rhythm will all just feel more right. Gone are the stumbles, the awkward expressions, the unwieldy sentences that force your reader back, the over- or under-punctuation, the repetitions. In their place are the words you were grasping for but couldn’t quite reach, the smoothly connected clauses that give your argument its flow, until suddenly the picture you were painting shines through in all its glory.

A copywriter’s job is to bring a unique voice to your brand, but as an editor my voice shouldn’t be heard at all. I know that handing your precious work over to someone you’ve never met is a daunting thing. Here’s what I won’t do. I won’t ride roughshod over your personal style and tone. I won’t remove quirks or eccentricities where they're intended: after all, that’s often what your readers will enjoy the most! I won't ever create more work for you by editing or deleting where I'm unsure. 

I’m a highly experienced proofreader, line editor, copy editor and developmental editor with a background in academic, technical and fiction editing. I’m happiest working hands-on to improve every aspect of your text, and my clients have often fed back that they’ve seen new ideas and threads emerge from our work together, which is enormously satisfying to hear. I firmly believe a good editor must first be a good writer, and my background in arts academia (including a top-five national placing A Level English) and as an author of short stories, poetry and long-form fiction means I understand this process from both ends.

I’m comfortable editing across most disciplines, having spent years working as a technical editor focusing on (among other things) the telecoms market, about which I knew nothing before I began! The principles of editing are always the same: a well-constructed, well-expressed sentence will make immediate sense. My experience ranges from transforming a PhD thesis on the nineteenth-century American public lecture circuit into a publication-ready book; coursework edits on topics ranging from Poe and Lawrence to the slave trade and sixties film; technical edits on reports by writers with limited English on a vast array of topics including smartphones and international telecoms regulation; fiction edits on novels for published authors from highbrow to chick lit; and much more.

I'd love to chat through how we can make your project incredible together! P
lease get in touch to discuss your brief and rates.